Teatro 3.0

An Ideal Solution for IP-Connected STB!

Teatro-3 line of turnkey software solutions is ideally suited for hybrid DVB receivers. It is based on CoMedia 3.0 DVB software stack that has been designed to be easily ported on various hardware platforms, and easily integrated into various software frameworks. In addition to live and recorded TV, Teatro-3 gives support to a wide range of features,
amongst which connectivity.
Teatro-3 comes in two editions:

  • Teatro-3.0 targeting Linux based devices and containing iWedia Web browsing engine which allows for HTML5/JavaScript applications support
  • Teatro-3.5 targeting Android based devices and exposing Java user interface
Key features
  • Successfully integrated in Linux environment
  • Easy to customize thanks to the variety of authoring tools available on the market (HTML5)
  • Easy to port with the help of CoMedia Hardware Abstraction Layer (CHAL)
  • Continuously tested and validated on reference platforms
  • “Production-ready”
  • Pre-integrated features:
    • PVR engine
    • CI Plus host software
    • MHEG-5 browsers and interactive engines
    • DLNA with DTCP-IP
    • HbbTV
  • Pre integrated with the client SDKs of major Over-The-Top (OTT) services and Digital Right Management (DRM) systems as well as with the kernels of the main Conditional Access Systems (CAS)
  • IPTV support (“Virtual IP tuner”, Cisco VQE client, Alcatel Lucent FCC/RET client, Ericsson Mediaroom Reach IPTV platform)
  • By default Teatro-3.0 comes pre-integrated with iWedia Web browsing engine (WebKit/GTK+):
    • A proven and mature Open Source Web browsing engine customized by iWedia
    • Its extensibility using NPAPI plug-ins proved to be a straight forward approach for introducing DTV/STB functionality to HTML5/JavaScript based application
    • Allows seamless integration of other Web based services like HbbTV
  • Ready for deployment in secure home networks thanks to DLNA, SAT>IP and DTCPIP supported protocols
  • Supports adaptive streaming and various DRM systems
  • Optimized for the best performance and the smallest memory footprint
  • Continuously tested and validated on reference platforms
  • Pre integrated with embedded CAS: NAGRA, DRECrypt, etc.
  • Production-ready” – deployed in millions of units
  • Optional features
    • PVR engine
    • CI Plus host software
    • MHEG-5 browsers and interactive engines
Arhitecture overview
  • The Linux-based distributed architecture of Teatro-3.0 takes full benefits of features provided by Linux and its associated libraries (e.g., DirectFB).
  • By default Teatro-3.0 comes with preintegrated iWedia web browsing engine which allows development of visually rich applications in HTML5 and rendering of HbbTV applications.
  • Teatro-3 software solution generated as a library on the Customer environment
  • Hardware abstraction layer (CHAL): API documentation, reference implementation (in ANSI C source code)
  • Reference end-user embedded applications in source code in HTML/JavaScript
  • Documentation of the JavaScript APIs used by the end-user embedded applications
  • Validation Test Plan (VTP) including the relevant pre-certifications and Validation Test Report (VTR) on a reference platform
  • Reference system demonstrating Teatro-3 solution (on reference platform)
Platform requirements (examples)
SW requirements Linux platform SDK with DirectFB support
OS Linux
Flash size 64MB
RAM size 256MB