Teatro 2.0

A fitted solution for your broadcast STB

Teatro-2.0 represents the baseline of iWedia’s turnkey software solutions targeting broadcast only DVB receivers. It is built around CoMedia 2.0 DVB software stack closely merged with Maestro – iWedia’s proprietary toolkit for application and user interface design. Teatro-2.0 can be easily ported on a variety of hardware platforms and may support a variety of options (MHEG-5, CI Plus host software, PVR).

Teatro-2.0 is highly optimized to cope with limited resources terminals and is hence the ideal choice for low-end and mid-end devices targeting emerging markets. As of today it has been deployed in millions of units and field proven in more than 20 DVB countries.

Key features

  • A layered architecture
    • Maestro reference end-user embedded applications
    • Maestro application engine
    • CoMedia 2.0 stack
    • CoMedia Hardware Abstraction Layer (CHAL)
  • Easy to customize thanks to Maestro toolkit
  • Easy to port thanks to CoMedia Hardware Abstraction Layer (CHAL)
  • Continuously tested and validated on reference platforms
  • Pre integrated with embedded CAS: NAGRA, DRECrypt, etc.
  • Production-ready” – deployed in millions of units
  • Optional features
    • PVR engine
    • CI Plus host software
    • MHEG-5 browsers and interactive engines

Maestro: the Companion Toolkit for Defining the Device User Interfaces (UIs)



Maestro composer:

  • Desktop-based authoring tool available for both Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Linux OS
  • Application development through a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • No platform-related limitation
  • Suitable for UIs in standard (SD) and high definition (HD) resolutions
  • A number of components supported: label, list, image, etc.

Maestro Generator:

  • Translation tool that transforms the application description (XML format) into a binary format ready for downflashing the device
  • Binary compression support for smaller memory footprint

Maestro Player:

  • An application engine that executes and renders the applications on the target device
  • Designed to be
    • The smallest possible
    • The fastest possible

Arhitecture overview

  • The Teatro-2 software architecture allows for a fast product development through:
  • Easy porting process on the target platform by the virtue of the CoMedia Hardware Abstraction Layer (CHAL)
  • Easy customization of end-user applications with the help of the Maestro toolkit. The Maestro plug-ins expose CoMedia features to Maestro applications at an abstraction level keeping the applications as simple as possible
  • Easy extension of the framework thanks to the modular approach based on software components


  • Teatro-2.0 software solution generated as a library on Customer environment
  • Hardware abstraction layer (CHAL): API documentation, reference implementation (in ANSI C source code)
  • Reference Maestro application and UI in source code: Maestro Composer project, APIs documentation
  • Validation Test Plan (VTP) including relevant pre-certifications and Validation Test Report (VTR) on a reference platform
  • Reference system demonstrating Teatro-2.0 solution

Platform requirements (examples)

Target device DVB-C SD Set-Top Box DVB-S2 HD Set-Top Box
Features Basic zapper, SSU, NAGRA CAK Basic zapper, SSU, DRECrypt CAK with proprietary apps
Platform iDecode SD NP6+
Flash size 4MB 16MB
RAM size 16MB 128MB