MHEG-5 browsers and interactive engines

And your TV device becomes interactive!

It is incredible how such a simple solution can deliver such an amazing user experience! An international standard, MHEG-5 is being used every day by millions of users worldwide to get access to compelling interactive TV applications. These applications may be stored on a Conditional Access Module, delivered over the broadcast link, or even retrieved from the return channel.

iWedia has played an active role on the MHEG-5 issue since its inception and has developed and deployed a full range of MHEG-5 browsers and interactive engines. These compact and optimized software components have been designed to be easily integrated within the software of a device. Browsers are available for CI Plus 1.2 and 1.3 specifications, and engines are available for standard and high definition devices as well as for devices with an interaction channel.

Key features

  • MHEG-5 Engine compliant with the following profiles:
    • CI browser profile (CI Plus specifications up to version 1.3)
    • UK profile (D-Book specifications up to version 7.1)
    • South Africa profile
  • DSM-CC client (compliant with ISO/IEC 13818-6 Part 6: Extensions for DSM-CC)
  • Graphics and font engines

Arhitecture overview



  • Browser/engine: library generated on Customer environment (delivery of source code is an option)
  • Driver-level API (or HAL – Hardware Abstraction Layer): APIs documentation, reference implementation (in ANSI C source code)
  • Service-level API (or AAL – Application Abstraction Layer): APIs documentation
  • AAL and HAL test application (in ANSI C source code)
  • Integration guidelines
  • Reference system demonstrating MHEG-5 solution (on reference platform)

Platform requirements

  • The solution is chipset and OS agnostic; it is easily portable on a new platform through the implementation of a HAL for that platform; HAL implementations are available for a variety of chipsets (Broadcom, Marvell, STMicroelectronics, etc.)
  • Size of the code: 350 kB (may slightly vary depending on target platform)
  • Dynamic allocations
    • MHEG-5 SD option: 2.4 MB to play a 512 kB application (made of 90% of PNG resources) in CLUT mode
    • MHEG-5 HD option with 720p output: 8.3 MB to play the same application in True Color mode
  • Recommended processing power: 400 DMIPS