INSIGHT – Remote device configuration and monitoring

INSIGHT system provides you with the power to remotely configure, upgrade firmware, diagnose issues and monitor vital parameters of hybrid devices, such as modern set-top boxes and TV sets. Device manufacturers, vendors and service operators have the ability to browse, search for, monitor and configure deployed devices or device groups via a convenient web access portal.


INSIGHT system is a full-featured TR-069-based solution scalable to support both standard and vendor-specific data models.



INSIGHT Client is a software component ready to integrate within the host software of an end device.
INSIGHT Client enables the device to become discoverable, configurable and monitorable by ACS servers supporting TR-069 protocol. Key elements of INSIGHT Client are the following:

  • Availability as a “pure C” library, Linux daemon or Android service
  • Adaptive build procedure which allows the client to be configured for any kind of device data model which is provisioned in the form of TR-106-compatible XML file
  • Clean integration APIs and convenient hooks to the device host software
  • Support for incremental porting; all data model parameters are accessible and configurable by ACS before full integration with host software is performed
  • Built-in support for SoC-agnostic QoS/QoE, such as audience statistics, average zapping time etc.
  • Available wrapper modules for facilitated integration with SDKs/SoCs of major DTV chipset vendors (Broadcom, ST, Marvell)



INSIGHT ACS is a central server providing the access to all monitored devices, their configuration and firmware upgrade. INSIGHT ACS is also the host for the web front-end application with the following key elements:

  • Device listing, sophisticated search mechanism (by type/manufacturer/subscriber etc), in-line brief information for each selected device
  • Device dashboard providing quick view to device status, parameter info, diagnostic log, subscriber info etc.
  • Detailed data model view with parameter value readouts, configuration, and history visualization using various graphs
  • Firmware upgrade page to manage firmware upgrade packages and perform deployments
  • Subscriber/User management
  • Cross-device statistics, including spatial parameter visualization, audience statistics and network activity


INSIGHT Stats is a separate server component providing multiple pluggable modules for data aggregation, data mining and cross device analytics. Modules are available for integration to the INSIGHT ACS web front-end according to customer requirements. Key elements of INSIGHT Stats are:

  • Spatial parameter aggregation, providing approximated parameter value for any location on the map
  • Audience statistics modules, providing information about the most watched channels or shows
  • Network activity monitoring, providing history information about the number of devices meeting the specified criteria (online/offline, watching a specific channel etc).


INSIGHT Mobile is a mobile application available for Android OS, providing access to INSIGHT ACS for the quick on-site installation support and device information overview. Key features of INSIGHT Mobile application are:

  • Device listing, search and status preview (online/offline)
  • Quick information on device status and vital parameters
  • Customizable dashboard to show custom parameters
  • Ability to quickly set a parameter for the selected device
  • Map-related analytics (device location overview, parameter distribution, device geolocation)

INSIGHT system benefits for service operators:

  • Decrease cost of customer support by providing assistance in problem resolution during the support call
  • Increase customer satisfaction by resolving issues without customer intervention
  • Eliminate cost of service upgrade / service plan change / device refurbishment by applying firmware upgrades and/or reconfiguring devices remotely
  • Gather invaluable information about device performance, user behavior / service preference, to tailor the next generation of services to better suit customer needs
  • Decrease cost for technical personnel involvement in network / transmission equipment malfunction diagnosis and repair

INSIGHT system benefits for device manufacturers:

  • Increase tangible value of your device by providing the full support for TR-069-based monitoring
  • Increase customer pool by offering the complete QoS/QoE monitoring solution for your devices to your customers
  • Decrease cost of device maintenance / device testing by obtaining information on the device operation under real usage conditions, and performing hot fixes by using firmware upgrade functionality