CoMedia TV and STB middleware

And your device gets access to analog/digital television services!

iWedia’s history goes back to 1996, when the company was founded with a clear vision to provide software solutions for Set-Top Boxes. The core component of these software solutions was CoMedia – a DVB broadcast stack accompanied by a PVR engine. Over the years, CoMedia evolved, adding support for ATSC, analogue TV and connectivity, targeting not only Set-Top Boxes, but also broadcast gateways, mobile devices and TV sets. Up to now, this robust and reliable software component has been deployed in millions of units and field proven in more than 20 DVB and ATSC countries.

Today we offer different editions of CoMedia depending on the target product requirements:

  • CoMedia 2.0 targets DVB broadcast Set-Top Boxes, and is closely merged with iWedia’s Maestro application engine.
  • CoMedia 3.0 is agnostic with respect to applications engines and adds connectivity features for hybrid Set-Top Boxes.
  • CoMedia 4.0 extends the support to ATSC and analogue TV (PAL/SECAM and NTSC), and targets both hybrid Set-Top Boxes and Smart TVs.

All CoMedia editions come with a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) option.

Key features
  • Versatile
    • Embedded within various SD and HD devices (set-top boxes, integrated digital TV sets, personal video recorders, etc.)
    • Deployed over various networks (cable, satellite, terrestrial)
    • Integrated with various security solutions (embedded Conditional Access Systems, DVB-CIv1, CI Plus)
    • Ported on top of various chipsets (Marvell, Neotion, STMicroelectronics, Trident/NXP, , etc.)
  • Easy to port: relies on the CoMedia Hardware Abstraction Layer (CHAL) driver-level API
  • Easy to integrate: exposes the Application Abstraction Layer (AAL) service-level API
DVB features
  • DVB SI engine compliant with EN 300 468, TS 101 211, TS 101 162
  • Transmission: DVB-S/-S2/-T/-T2/-C
  • Zapper features : installation, service management, favourite list management, configuration, parental control and channel lock, multi country and multi language support
  • Events management compliant with  EN 300 468, TS 101 211 and TS 101 162:
    • Now and next,
    • Electronic Service Guide (ESG),
    • 7-day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)
  • Subtitles engine compliant with EN 300 743 with support of:
    • DVB SD and HD subtitles
    • Teletext subtitles
  • Teletext engine compliant with EN 300 472 with support of:
    • Level 1.5 and 2.5
    • TOP and FLOF modes
  • Software upgrade engine compliant with TS 102 006 with support of:
    • Over-the-air download
    • Serial download
    • Download over USB
  • DSM-CC client (compliant with ISO/IEC 13818-6 Part 6:Extensions for DSM-CC) ready to be integrated with:
    • iWedia MHEG-5 and HbbTV software components
    • Other 3rd party software
PVR features
  • Recording
    • Time shifting
    • Pause & resume a live stream
    • Watch & record
    • Playback & dual recording
    • Instant recording
    • Scheduled recording (manual, via EPG)
  • Playback
    • Stream management (multiple audio tracks, subtitles, event information)
    • Trick modes (pause & resume, slow motion, fast forward & rewind -x2, x4, x16, x64-, 30-second skip, bookmarks)
  • Freeview+ compliance
ATSC features
  • ATSC engine comliant with A/53 and A/72
  • PSIP management (MGT, STT, VCT, RRT, EIT, ETT, DCCT, DCCSDT)  compliant with CEA-CEB12-B
  • Modulation: 8VSB (terrestrial), QAM (cable)
  • Parental control (V-Chip, RRT) compliant with CEA-766-C
  • Closed Caption compliant with CEA-608-E, CEA-708-D
Analogue TV (ATV) features
  • PAL/SECAM color standard stack compliant with ETSI 300731 and ETSI 300731
  • NTSC color standard stack compliant with EIA-608-B and EIA-608-E
  • VBI data management:
    • Teletext compliant with ETS 300708,
    • Closed Caption compliant with CEA-608
    • PDC compliant with ETSI 300231
    • VPS compliant with TS 101231
    • WSS compliant with EN 300294
  • Country and Network Identification (CNI) compliant with TS 101231
  • Automatic channel installation (ACI) compliant with EN 50203
  • Audio/Video switch management
  • Display modes: fullscreen, Picture in Picture (PiP), Picture and Picture (PaP), Picture and Text (PaT)
  • HDMI CEC stack
  • Audio control (speaker settings)
  • Video control (panel settings)
IPTV features
  • “Virtual IP tuner” support for IP services installation, management and playback
  • CoMedia TV middleware has also been integrated with the Ericsson Mediaroom Reach IPTV platform and is available in a variety of hybrid Set-Top Box configurations.
  • Pre-integrated IPTV clients available:
    • Cisco VQE-C
    • Alcatel-Lucent FCC/RET
  • Driver-level API (Comedia Hardware Abstraction Layer – CHAL): API documentation, reference implementation (in ANSI C source code)
  • Service-level API (or AAL – Application Abstraction Layer): APIs documentation
  • CHAL test application (in ANSI C source code)
  • Integration guidelines
  • Validation Test Plan
  • Reference system demonstrating Comedia features (reference application running on reference platform)
Platform requirements
Product name CoMedia 2.0 CoMedia 3.0 CoMedia 4.0
Target device Broadcast STB Hybrid STB Hybrid STB Connected TV
Minimum processing power [DMIPS] 400 800 1000
Platform Agnostic Agnostic Agnostic
OS Agnostic Agnostic Agnostic
App/UI engine Maestro Agnostic Agnostic
Arhitecture overview