CI Plus host software

And your TV device gets a secure access to premium content!

In dramatically enhancing the security level of DVB-CI (Common Interface), the CI Plus specifications have fulfilled the requirements of premium content owners, and have thus made possible the emergence of an open retail market in the pay-TV landscape, based on the use of removable security modules. A European standard, CI Plus is being used every day by millions of users all over Europe to enjoy secure access to compelling pay-TV content.

iWedia has played an active role on both the DVB-CI and CI Plus issues since their inception, and has developed and deployed a full range of host software. These compact and optimized software components have been designed to be easily integrated within the software of a device. Host software are available for DVB-CIv1 and CI Plus 1.2 and 1.3 specifications.

Key features

  • Host software compliant with DVB-CIv1 and CI Plus specifications up to 1.3.1 version
  • CI protocol stack:
    • session layer
    • transport layer
    • link layer
    • physical layer)
  • DVB-CIv1 , CI Plus 1.2 and 1.3 resources
  • Security features:
    • content Control
    • data manager
    • cryptographic library

Arhitecture overview



  • Host software: library generated on Customer environment (delivery of source code is an option)
  • Data manager (in ANSI C source code)
  • Driver-level API (or HAL – Hardware Abstraction Layer): APIs documentation, reference implementation (in ANSI C source code)
  • Service-level API (or AAL – Application Abstraction Layer): APIs documentation
  • AAL and HAL test application (in ANSI C source code)
  • Integration guidelines
  • Reference system demonstrating CI Plus solution (on reference platform)

Platform requirements

  • The solution is chipset and OS agnostic; it is easily portable on a new platform through the implementation of a HAL for that platform; HAL implementations are available for a variety of chipsets (Marvell, STMicroelectronics, Zoran, etc.)
  • Size of the code and static data: 800 kB (may slightly vary depending on target platform)
  • Software made of 17 tasks + one task per Content Control session
  • Dynamic allocations
    • Peak of 30 kB for a Content Control authentication
    • Peak of 140 kB for the exchange of a 64 kB MHEG-5 application
  • Processing power: 400 DMIPS