Meet iWedia at the APAC Android TV Summit 2018
(The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand)

Dear Customer, dear Partner,

We would like to invite you to meet with us during the APAC Android TV Summit 2018 in Bangkok, from Tuesday November 13th through to Thursday November 15th.

Our software solutions transform an Android TV STB into a genuine Pay TV device.
Provided as a standalone software component or bundled into a turnkey software solution,
iWedia products is what any Pay TV operator needs.

Teatro-3.5 is a complete software solution for STB operated
under Android TV or AOSP

Allows to smoothly mix Pay TV services delivered OTT, over
IPTV, and over broadcast with Android apps
Made of Pay TV players (broadcast, multicast, and unicast)
implemented as input services of the Android TIF
Pre-integrated with various CAS and DRM

Come on STAGE with iWedia to live
a unique Pay TV user experience

STAGE is a custom Android TV launcher and live TV app
Meant to be customized for the operator (white label)
Material design and Operator Tier compliant
May be associated with Teatro-3.5

Teatro ABR Media Player is an HLS / DASH media player
specifically tuned for live TV use cases

Fast zapping
Advanced bitrate adaptation algorithms
Low resources consumption

Teatro TV Browser is a Blink-based browser specifically
designed for connected TV sets and STBs

Supports the latest W3C specifications for open Internet
browsing (HTML5, CSS3, DOM3, JavaScript, etc.) as well
as the major “walled garden” / TV portals specifications for
OTT TV services including HbbTV 2

Should you want to arrange a meeting, just drop us an e-mail at info@iwedia.com
or reach us at +49 172 8054 791 during the show.

We hope to see you there!!!